Pd150 turbo

PD engine swap question. Hey all, first post here. I can't help but think though that by the time you'd paid for the engine etc then paid to have it shipped out that it might be cheaper just to pop in some injectors, turbo and tune to get hp from the PD? Not sure why either but the PD has a front mount IC as standard, bigger intake and boost pipes. I think it'd be worth going for the PD lump if your aim was higher due to the better bottom end but not for hp.

I've done similar swap from ve engine to pd Maybe I forgot some little things Good luck, it's quite difficult but not impossible. Originally Posted by mickydub. This post should help you get to your hp goal and not have to swap engines.

TDI s : None anymore I was going to say, "I feel like I responded to a thread like this once before. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards. TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten.

Darkside GTB Turbo Kit for 1.9 8v TDI Engines

VAG-Com List. Unit Conversions. TDIClub Chat. Thank You. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Handling, suspensions, wheels, type discussion should be put into the "Upgrades non TDI Engine related " forum. Non TDI vehicle related postings will be moved or removed. Please note the Performance Disclaimer.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.

Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site with all features activated. The Downpipe is slightly different dependant on what platform you are fitting the kit to, but all fit into the stock position, so will work with most aftermarket Exhaust Systems with a reducer. Please state the OD of your system if you would like the correct size reducer supplying. If not the pipe supplied will be 3".

All are completely interchangeable, so if you start with the GTBVK and decide to upgrade, all you need to swap is the turbocharger unit itself, all the existing pipework will bolt right up.

Above is also a rough guide to what sort of power you can expect from each turbo, with a comparison to other popular turbochargers. This is assuming you have the appropriate supporting modifications for the individual turbocharger. The power figures are what is considered achievable under 'safe' parameters Injection Duration, Exhaust Gas Temperature and Exhaust Manifold Pressures. Greater power has been achieved in the past with each setup, but in many cases this was pushing many of the components past their safe operating limits.

Melett is the market leader for precision engineered turbocharger parts and is renowned for producing OE quality parts to help the turbo aftermarket produce the highest quality repairs. The same commitment to engineering excellence has been applied to produce Melett complete turbochargers, providing a cost effective alternative to a new OE turbocharger. By servicing the aftermarket, Melett not only benefit from analysing turbo failures they also benefit from future knowledge of the latest technologies.

Combining this knowledge with expertise allows them to correct inherent design issues and also upgrade old turbo designs. Melett Turbochargers are manufactured to Melett drawings, created by our in-house engineering team, and the majority of parts are produced on Melett owned and controlled tooling.

During the development stage, all turbochargers undergo extensive in-house and vehicle testing to assure performance and durability levels. Vehicle testing includes validating engine emissions, torque, power, transient response and fuel economy, ensuring every Melett Turbocharger matches the OE specification. Built to the strictest quality standards, all Melett Turbochargers are balanced and flowed in our dedicated UK production facility. Model: Required.

Golf TDI, 200+BHP Mods

Year: Required. Engine Code: Required. Silicone Colour: Required. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.

pd150 turbo

Bare in mind that the GTD turbos have the latest 5th Generation VNT System, which is far superior to the previous systems, resulting in quicker spool and lower manifold pressures at high RPMs compared to older Gen Turbo's Above is also a rough guide to what sort of power you can expect from each turbo, with a comparison to other popular turbochargers. Choose Options. Add to Cart. Darkside Developments Tubular Manifold for 1.

Darkside Stainless Tubular Exhaust Manifold for 1. Customers Also Viewed.TDI s : golf Flash Red. PD intake manifold upgrade. Also, is the intercooler pipework bigger flanges Thanks. The wife's A1 1. The daily. Find More Posts by Piranha. Find More Posts by vwmikel. I should go for a CupraD intake circuit, bigger oem mount intercooler, and way better piping without the stuped click-in system wich fails and cause the hoses to pop out after same time.

Dyno'd areaOld VNT20 setup dyno'd whp. PD inlet manifolds here point to the left of the engine, as you look at it. Intake comes from the right, into the turbo from above, out the turbo downwards, and then down a side mounted IC usually in the lower offside wing, and then back into the engine bay to the inlet manifold also pointing to the offside. I have a intake of a Passat PD, it's points to the drivers side of the car left.

GT1749VB PD150 1.9 TDI Turbocharger - ARL

I'm going to look for it in a junk yard!!!! Just to rub it in a little more. Dang bastards It runs arround bucks on this side of the pond. This being said, I am so glad I got mine 2 months ago. The pasat intakes have the inlet on the drivers side, the golfs have it on the passanger side. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards. TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten. VAG-Com List. Unit Conversions. TDIClub Chat. Thank You. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Handling, suspensions, wheels, type discussion should be put into the "Upgrades non TDI Engine related " forum.

Non TDI vehicle related postings will be moved or removed.

Please note the Performance Disclaimer. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. August 28th, Send a private message to Piranha. Visit Piranha's homepage!Hello all, im looking for some info and the wonderful search cant give me the full answers im looking for. So here goes. Currently running a 54 plate VRS that has been Stage 1 remapped by angel tuning and a standard clutch that ive not worn out. The turbo is the stock one and has not been changed. If you just stick it on as is then it'll be the same power as now, but to tale advantage of the larger turbo it'll need a new map.


Thanks Matt spot on, any idea of the price for the aforementioned gaskets and oil feed pipe or can you point me in the right direction? You can get hybrid units which are just as strong if not better than standard units fir less, as mentioned you will still need new connections, just a thought.

As above, there's the option of a hybridI'd not want to push it further than bhp tho. However hybrids don't seem to be a massive amount more than standard ones when buying new so could be a good shout. I've driven both a mapped and a mapped hybridthe was much more punchy lower down and held rev power similar to theadmittedly my hybrid is a unit 18 bespoke build, they recommended it as a stronger unit than the standard!

But I've never had mine on a rolling road so can't confirm figures. My mate had a hybrid, drove very nice, can't complain on that front, ran bhp, which IMO was a little much, run it at a little less and it'd be fine tho id have thought. Dont get me wrong me wrong the standard was nice and progresive aswell.

I find it interesting the amount of turbo variants thats are now available when it comes to upgrade time I would be really interested to see what mine makes on a dyno. What do you think the limits of a standard turbo are then?? My ran on amds rollers the last time i personally believe its more around the mark an thats pretty maxxed out with alot of fueling.

Hi I have a fabia vrs on a stage 1 remap which I done a couple of months ago unfortunately my turbo has popped so want to upgrade any recommendations?? Still my car is in my garage and awaiting remap because i cant get hold of a vrs dovit top boost pipe or find anywhere to get hold of this 51mm 80 degree stainless pipe which goes at the bottom.

I think fingerpants has hit the nail on the head. Without knowing exactly what has been changed i think its impossible to suggest max outputs of and hybrid units.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Prev of 3 2 3 Next. Going to view a golf with the intention of buying tonight as yet another sale fell through on an ibiza hybrid.

pd150 turbo

Its an 02 TDI onmiles which has been mapped to bhp. Im hoping to get it around What mods would i need for this? Are these like for like or need modifying, worth spending money on or is there not much difference between the ? Remap again Clutch eventually Should this see or am i going to have to hybrid it? Save your money, there's better cars around than a Golf. I have looked around for a couple of weeks now mate and cant find anything.

Couple of Ibiza 1. Panda76 1, posts months. Heat for a start,going from bhp to bhp might be tolerable for the engine,pushing it beyond that could cause heat problems with the head etc. I would spend every minute driving it on boost worrying the turbo is about to go pop in a loud whistling smokey fashion yes I read about the bhp turbo You are putting a lot of pressure on the engine imo asking for plus. Upto you of course,just my opinion. Six Fiend 6, posts months. My brother has one with a hybrid turbo kicking out bhp and lb ft.

It came from Allard and was their demo car. Proper little Q car They've mapped it to be very usable everyday pottering around town but goes like a scalded cat over rpm. OP with those modifications you have listed you will not be near hp and if it does run hp a new clutch is not a maybe it is a necessity.

Powerrr 1, posts months. Don't buy the Go and buy a maybe slightly higher milage PD Remap it. StottyZr 6, posts months. I had a Anniversary Golf I remapped, full turbo back exhaust from milltek and it made ish BHP, despite what the Internet "experts" tell you that exhaust was the single biggest waste of money I've encountered over the last 5 years, so bear that in mind To get you WILL need a hybrid turbo, the turbo won't be enough, the engine internals will be fine as the PD lumps are all largely identical throughout the range I liked my Anniversary, but I genuinely wish I never bothered with it and bought an E46 d instead, simple remap on an early car will see over bhp and a later car has bhp as standard, coupled to a better chassis it's a far superior car.

If you ask me number chasing is a bad ideabut don't let drivability put you off going for bhp Save your money and buy a lump to start with. Well its already got a stainless back box so i would take the exhaust off and get the cat and silencer cut out and pipe welded straight through.

What exactly is the point? If you want a bhp car then why not just buy a better car to begin with rather than throwing money at a golf diesel?Differences between PD and PD Am I correct to assume that the differences between PD and PD consist of the turbo and tune only? Are the injectors, clutch, crank shaft, rods and pistons the same?

TDI s : None anymore The ECU tunes are different as well. I believe pistons are the same. I have heard differing opinions on this with some saying the PD has lower CR and different pistons, but I can't confirm this. I would definitely opt for the PD You're going to switch the turbo, custom tune it, and probably throw on an aftermarket FMIC anways you don't want the PD one with plastic end tanks and piping.

Why pay more for things you will definitely replace? Plus, PDs are more common, which makes them cheaper as well. Go for the ASZ!! Last edited by borachris; September 4th, at I thought the PD had a lower compression ratio and uses different pistons and conrodsto the rest of the 1. View Public Profile Send a private message to K. Find More Posts by K. I went with the PD for half the price of a PD The PD also has better head bolts.

But, as the others have said, if you're looking for big power, don't worry about having the PD as you're going to end up changing out everything anyway. Find More Posts by vwmikel. TDI s : Audi a6 avant 2. Thank you guys, this info is great and all very helpful to me.

TDI s : Jetta. Forgive the probably dumb question Im about to ask, but are these all different variations of the Pumpe Duese style engine? I understand theas being power ratings but Im kindof lost on the style of engine it is.

What would my BEW be? All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards. TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten.Lots of people helped pull this together, my thanks to them all.

They should have come this way. A good friend will help you move a body. TDI s : Did you use the standard gt or the upgraded gtvc from Scroll products for the PD? Originally Posted by Hurst I'm really excited to get everything buttoned up on my BEW and get it on a dynoPD injectors, etc etc.

Just curious because I have been giving a similar upgrade some thought, where am I going wrong in my cost estimations? Please let me know what you found when doing the upgrade as far as the parts needed and if I'm leaving something out of my list.

Last edited by Sootman; May 16th, at Sootman, What exactly did you have to do for an actuator on your turbo setup? Thanks, Bryan. Originally Posted by bquick. Very nice build. This is something I have been looking at doing for over a year now.

Those are very nice numbers on the dyno. I just have a few question. Do you have an upgraded down pipe and exhaust? How come you had to replace your cam? I've been told that the stock injectors are good up to hp?

pd150 turbo

And a Sach VR6 clutch kit.

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